e-learning Award 2022 in the category ‘learning app’

CIP won prestigious award for the ‘adidas Running University’ app

Our 'adidas Running University' app was recognized with the e-learning Award 2022 in the category 'Learning-App'. This interactive learning platform was created in cooperation with adidas and the learning software specialist Lemon Systems. The app works on all mobile devices and simplifies digital training for sales staff. The goal is to foster first-class consumer consultation, an inspiring shopping experience at the adidas POS and of course, to strengthen the ties between retail staff and the adidas running brand. For us, the key to successfully selling high-end products is the perfect mix of salesperson skills, expertise and intuitive storytelling. This is how you secure the brand loyalty of your consumers.

Never stop learning

cip tutors intersport staff for global visual merchandising excellence

Increase traffic, drive sales, improve stylings – visual merchandising can have a huge impact. intersport strives for excellence at retail and visual merchandising is one of the key levers. We are proud to support with engaging and intuitive training material. Working with the experts of our own visual merchandising team we provide high-quality content for their internal staff learning platform. Watch out for great visual merchandising executions at your local intersport store!

Shopping, now digital and live with cip

cip is now streaming for SportScheck

To provide consumers with an immersive and interactive experience, allowing them to ask questions and purchase products during a livestream: This is live shopping. Entertainment and online shopping at the same time it sooner or later will become the new norm for e-commerce. A trend that is just picking up speed and we are part of it. From now on, we will stream and record live shopping events on a weekly basis for our new client SportScheck. Join the experience:

60.000 and a queen

Bee colony joins cip

cip employee Nadine Frank is a passionate and awarded beekeeper. But times are tough and changing. 2021 one of her bee colonies got to leave its regular home. A cold death is waiting. cip doesn't hesitate and offers the bees a new home. CEO Claus Gladanyuk: "Bees are social, diligent, agile and tireless. This is why they perfectly fit to the active nature of an agency. Our staff is tremendously proud to have the bees with us. It's a real Win-Win for the beehive as well as for the company." Welcome to cip marketing. Good to having you here guys!


cip thinks big

cip marketing thinks big and comes up with the next great deal. We head for 60.000 new employees and real female leadership. One finds this social, diligent, tireless, and popular bunch of productive hard workers usually on the road. We are all the more looking forward to six months together at our storage in Obermichelbach. Yesssss!

They see us rollin’ them Canyon

cip becomes partner for cycle giant

We are bike: If you find someone in this agency who is not a passionate cyclist, let us know. This is not the only reason why we think that this partnership is the perfect fit. cip has partnered up with an absolute dream customer: Canyon, one of the world's leading manufacturers of road-, mountain-, triathlon-, fitness-, urban- and e-bikes. Our Brand Ambassadors are super excited to support this bike giant at events all over Europe - starting this summer. We're not taking off our cycling gear anymore! That's for sure.

Upcycling for the future

New adidas E-Defender launches

Engine broke, car broke. Let's get rid of this problem and get that thing to the junkyard. Quick! No, no, no, stop, stop, stop, hold on. Let's try to get that fixed. When this Outdoor Defender - used as a mobile test & try hub - broke, it was time for E. In close cooperation with adidas, we restored the Defender extensively as well as we built in an electric motor. It feels so good to contribute to something sustainable.

Whale Riders

cip marketing becomes marine sponsor

Founded in 1899, NABU (Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union), is one of the oldest and largest environment associations in Germany. The association encompasses more than 820,000 members and supporters, who commit themselves to the conservation of threatened habitats, flora and fauna, to climate protection and energy policy. Environment protection and sustainability also becomes more and more important to us as an international agency. This is why we decided becoming a marine sponsor. We are grateful to be part of this fantastic initiative.